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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
No worries, brother...Your points are well taken and certainly the gravity of other situations is obviously in another category. But still, if anyone wants to help him out, I don't think they need to feel guilty about it or ashamed. Giving is contagious, and may get the ball rolling for needier causes as well....
I agree, we can set up a charity a month or something like that, everyone can donate a dollar a month, and it can go to any worth cause or w/e.

Whoops! Sorry if I stirred the pot, i didnt start the paypal charity thing. There's always someone who needs it more. This is one of the causes I felt was worthy of my 10$ this week.

Everyone does whatever they want with their money. A good friend of my family is a millionaire, I still bought him a 50$ christmas present, obviously he could buy that himself. I know thats not the best analogy, but you get it.
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