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Originally Posted by ;6642389
Sorry but comparing major tragedies / atrocities to a totaled car is really not a great comparison.

I think we can all agree on that.

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I lost a house and all my possessions in Katrina, obviously losing my car isnt the same as losing my house. But someone donating to me in either of those cases would help me financially, and it feels good to have generous people help you with money, a place to stay, or food, or a freaking greeting card. It also made me more inclined to do the same when people are in a bad spot.

To some people, their car is just as important as their house or apartment, or the sum of all the stuff they have in that apartment.

I wouldnt compare it to losing a loved one. But I dont see a huge difference in damage to a house or to a car. Especially on a car enthusiast site.

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