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Originally Posted by mws444 View Post
Wow, this is too cool, you have the same color car as I do! Mine is slated to be sent up for the same treatment around the 15th. They are waiting on more magna chargers, said about the middle of the month. I am going to try the Corsa Cat backs, then go with new rear gears, around 3.73, this car really needs more gear in the rear. Other than that the car is awsome, you will love it.
Enjoy, and Pleeeeaaassseee keep me informed!!!! I cant wait to hear how she runs when you get her.
Sweet - it is nice to know someone else who is getting their build done there. Corsa's sound great also but I loved the sound of the Borla on the vettes. Believe me - I can't wait for it to be done. I need to get some cruising in before the summer is over.
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