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Originally Posted by SSRS1LE View Post
Install took about an hour. There's a good thread that has a lot of pictures on how to get the console apart for a different mod. I used that as a guide for disassembly:

Once I had it disassembled to that point, there was a plastic bracket underneath that had two screws in the back holding it to the floor. The Yaw-Sensor is under that.

As for truly knowing it only affects HSA, I suppose more time and data will be needed. From my observations, that the car starts with no warning lights or error messages (unlike the fuse-pull method I tried before). Hill Assist message never appears, and HSA never activates. Traction Control still kicks in under aggressive throttle, and ABS still works.

Thoroughly testing Stabilitrak would require somewhere other than the street I think. Maybe one of the track-regulars could give it a go, and post their findings.

Oh, and OzzySS, I'm still curious about the method you used to defeat HSA along with other electronic nannies as well.
Thanks a bunch
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