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Talking Pfadt Coil Overs In STOCK With FREE Shipping @ Apex Motorsports!

Pfadt Race Engineering Adjustable Coil Overs

Quite simply put, these are the best Camaro coilovers that Pfadt has ever built.
They were very focused on what they wanted to accomplish with these coilovers. They are now being built completely in house by Pfadt engineering staff in Salt Lake City. From filling the shocks with oil and nitrogen, to building sub assemblies, to final assembly including mounts and springs these coilovers are a unique Pfadt Race Engineering design. Being an engineering firm they are able to tailor all of thier products to each specific application and you won't find as much Camaro specific engineering in any other product on the market. Making your Camaro lighter, stronger and faster is what Pfadt parts are all about, and these coilovers are the latest hardware designed to exceed your performance expectations.

Key features of the new Camaro Coilovers include:

Full ride height control, easily adjusted.

Adjustable Dampers. 24 clicks front, 48 clicks rear.

Camaro Specific Valving

Inverted Shock Design

BOA and CIRC Systems included

Spring Rates selected for improved street and track performance

SIGNIFICANTLY Lighter than OEM design

Stronger than OEM design

Proven durability through torture testing

Complete Compatibility with all 10+ Camaro models. Including ZL1.

Simple Ride Height Control - Ride height is set through one easy to use spring perch. You can achieve everything from a stock ride height to about 2" lower than stock and everything in-between. This will let you easily dial in the exact stance you're looking for. The revised front mounts also feature more clearance for aggressive wheel and tire combinations!

Adjustable Dampers - 24 Front Clicks and 48 Rear clicks of damping adjustment ensures that you will find a setting that is both comfortable on the street, and still delivers with amazing performance. The adjustment knob is placed conveniently at the bottom of the shock and effects both Rebound and Compression damping. Absolutely no drilling or adapters are required to reach the adjuster knobs in either the front or rear.

Custom Valving Specific to the Camaro - Each of our Camaro units is valved and built in house by our own engineers with valving that we developed on our ZL1. You won't find our Camaro specific valving on any other coilover or product on the market. Our valving is designed to improve response and really make the car feel like it's glued to the road when you want it, while still giving you the ability to tune the car softly for fantastic street manners. We do include starting points for the dampers for drag racing, street driving, and autox/road racing to make tuning really simple!

Inverted Shock Design - Placing the majority of the weight on the sprung side of the chassis allows the control arms and outboard components to react quicker and easier without the additional weight of the coilover itself. The result is a suspension system that responds faster to changes in the road whether its highway, local roads, or track surfaces. The less weight that is on that outboard suspension, the better your car will behave - you'll have a better connection between your Camaro chassis and the ground.

BOA and CIRC System Included - Proven durable technology taken directly from our Corvette Coilovers has been included in the Camaro Coilovers as well. Our BOA (Ball on Axis) upper mount allows a really wide articulation range and low friction upper mount needed to keep the rear shocks functioning perfectly over the long term. The CIRC System (Concentric Integrated Remote Canister) substantially increases the gas volume within the shock for more consistent performance over a wide range of temperatures. The CIRC System offers all of the benefits of an external canister shock without the hassle of mounting the canister or added weight. Both the BOA and CIRC systems are quiet, durable and 100% maintenance free!

Specially Chosen Spring Rates - All of our coilover products use a standard motorsports style spring. The spring rates that are shipped with the coilovers are an excellent choice for both great daily drivability and significantly improved handling. However, if you find yourself drag racing or Road Racing/Autocrossing quite heavily we can customize a spring package to help you get the most out of your coilovers!

Significantly Lighter - We have moved away from a steel housing and moved to lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum housings. You will remove an amazing 10lbs of weight per front coilover compared to stock, and an equally amazing 7lbs per shock in the rear.That's a total weight savings of 34lbs just by a suspension change alone! Not only are the entire assemblies significantly lighter, but because of the inverted shock design it places more of that weight on the sprung side of the vehicle for even greater performance. No other coilover is lighter.

Stronger - Because of the precision machining, aircraft-grade aluminum construction and hard anodizing of the front and rear coilover housings they are significantly stronger than both factory shocks and our previous generation coilovers. We've done both computer analysis and real world durability testing on the factory housings and found that our new Pfadt housings are significantly stiffer than the factory parts. This large increase in stiffness is just one more way that we improve suspension precision under hard cornering! No other coilover is stronger.

Compatibility - We know that not everyone wants to keep their cars completely stock. This goes for the owners of every model Camaro from V6, to SS, and even ZL1 and the eventual 1LE... folks are going to want to get more out of their cars than how they came from the factory. That's why we developed our Camaro Coilovers on our own Pfadt Race Engineering ZL1. By disabling the Magnetic Ride Control System and installing a true performance coilover package everyone with a Camaro, including ZL1 owners, can see the huge performance improvements that a well engineered Coilover package will provide!

Proven Durability - Durability and Quality Control are incredibly important when building a world class suspension package. Use of a shock dyno is absolutely critical to properly dialing in the exact damping rates we are tuning into each coilover. Naturally, before each production coilover is completely assembled it is verified on our shock dyno, so you can be assured that our coilovers are going to perform exactly how we designed them to. The video below is two quick clips taken from our failure testing cycle... We are putting forces into each of these housings that would ONLY ever be seen in a completely catastrophic collision. However, the data we collect with testing like this verifies that what we design on the computer translates into real life design improvements!

Finally we have an example of how our entire coilover package puts it all together during our durability testing on our Damper Destroyer! This is a tool that allows us to simulate thousands of road miles in a very short time frame to verify that our coilovers are going to work great for years to come. In the video is an example of a rear Camaro coilover passing over 500,000 thousand continuous cycles. You can also see how the BOA upper mount is crucial in keeping the entire coilover bind free even with big changes in articulation. Pfadt coilovers are the only ones with this bind-free feature.

There are a lot of reasons to take a look at our Pfadt Race Engineering FeatherLight Camaro Coilovers. Ride height control, performance, durability, and knowing that there is a company with our real world engineering expertise to back our products up. We absolutely love our Camaro coilovers and we know that everyone who ends up with a set will too!
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