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Originally Posted by bbboomer54 View Post
What a frustrating day. I finally got an opportunity to install my Hurst billet short shifter but it didn't end up as planned. I ordered a set of metal bushings from NH-SS to ensure that I didn't have the play and noise issue. Things started out good. I pressed in the new bushings and then proceeded the burnishing process. Between myself and two other mechanics we could not, for the life of us, get the pin to fit into the bushings using the drilling approach in instructions. After 4 hours we only made it half way through one bushing. Then the bushing started to spin in the shifter. At that point we decided to abandon the process before any damage was done. The factory nylon bushings were reinserted after wrestling out the metal bushings. All-in-all it took over 5 hours for something that should have taken no longer than one hour.

I'll stay with the Hurst bushings until a problem develops, if one even does develop.

As for the Hurst short shifter I was surprised at how tall it was. The video's that I had seen when deciding to buy one seemed to look much shorter in height, but I'm okay with it anyway.

I don't want to discourage anyone else with a ZL1 to buy the Hurst or the bushings by NH-SS, but you may want to look at other options before a final decision.
are you sure you were burnishing correctly? It only took me 45 minutes. to do perfectly . :-/ Sorry for your issues, its by far the best bushing set on the market and by far the best shifter with them installed.
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