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Originally Posted by NickeyChicago View Post
The Stock GM- ZL1 1.9 Blower is very efficient. It responds well to being overdriven. It can push a stock LSA long block very close to it's safe limit.
I was told not to overspin it cause of a few issues, heat soak being one!
And I always used 700-720whp as a pretty much max for a LSA stock internals!

But as I seen some of your work I'm not doubting you at all !! So I'm pushing 661whp now at about 13 psi! With the works done except porting the blower!

As I was wondering in the range of a 850whp monster which this blower/motor can't handle stock but the crank is super strong, rods and pistons need to be forged! But seems everyone just says " well reached stock LSA limit lets slap 427, or RHS 4**!

Keep the madness coming btw!!
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