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2013 1LE, 12.991 E/T, 100% stock

I just returned form the drag strip and I wasn't going to leave until I saw a 12 second ET

  • 100% bone stock 2013 1SS/1LE (tires, intake, tune, weight blah blah its all stock)
  • Child seat in back, full gym bag, some quick detailer, 2 California dusters, road side kit and a bunch of towels in the truck (25lbs? total)
  • Temps were 68 when I started at noon and 72 and sunny when I left.
  • 1/2 tank of gas (93 octane)
  • Elevation 827 feet above sea level
  • Drove an hour with no cool down and ran a 13.2 out of the box with rear tires at 35PSI
  • Track was slippery, tires spun
  • Shifted when the tach said 6200
  • Hot lapped twice with 2,13.0s....
  • Let it cool 1/2 hour and dropped the psi to 27/28, ran the same
  • Track was oiled down so I sat 2 hours and dropped PSI to 25.
  • Ran more 13.0s and then the 12.991
  • Called it a day!
What I learned....
  • You MUST shift into 4th
  • 35 to 25 psi made no real difference in 60ft times.
  • Car will run 12s, 100% stock.
Math tells me with a set of drag radials I can run a 12.8 with a 1.9/60 and a 12.6/.7 with a 1.8 60ft....


PS: If any Cold Air Intake companies want to prove their product works bolt-on without a tune let me know as I am pretty consistent in this thing
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