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Newbie 69 Camaro Restoration Help Needed

I have a 69 Camaro (Standard) - and want to fix it up. It has a truck engine in it currently and has a faulty transmission. It runs, but I want a better engine (more powerful) and I need a new transmission - these are my immediate goals.

My questions are:

1) What is a good engine that wont cost a fortune that is at least V8 and pushes 400-450 HP? Where can I buy it? I found this one:

2) What transmission should I get? Currently it has an automatic transmission.

3) I would like to change over from Carburetor to fuel injection system - what considerations do I need to think of in this upgrade?

The goal is to slowly turn this car into a performance/racing car - but I need to get it up and running first - so cheaper the better right now. I am taking my first step into auto-mechanics and car restoration, any advice would be great.

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