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Originally Posted by Combover View Post
This is making me wonder about the efficiency of the stability control system. If the automatic cars don't have the pitch control, then how does the stability control handle the car facing up or down on winding and hilly roads? Shouldn't the entire relative position of the car be taken into account and not just the yaw? The MT cars probably don't do any better if the pitch sensor is only for HSA.
Pitch has little to no impact on stability control. Stability controls job is to control lateral movement. Assuming all four tires are on the ground, the system can monitor slides based on wheel speed, steering angle and yaw. The pitch sensor, if tied to anything beyond HSA, would probably get in the way on hard acceleration. Hard acceleration on a slight incline would make the car think its flipping backwards. Can you imagine ST trying to fix that. Lol

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It's a Dingledarm. It's there to dampen side fumbling. If your marzelvanes fumble too much they can cause total protonic reversal. It gets ugly from there. This is really the biggest problem with the new Camaro. That and the tri-pronged blivot.

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