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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
Yeah, I would put it in the same class as the Focus and Mazda 3. Of course, those two have the Mazda Speed 3 and Focus ST that are a whole different level. I guess we'll see if Chevy decides to do a Sonic SS.

Wife hasn't let me drive it yet :(, but I would guess it is a bit more nimble than the Cruze I had. That was a fun little car for a 4-door econobox. I think Chevy hit a home run with the 1.4L turbo/6 speed tranny combo. A nice snap to accelleration and good MPG. However, if it was me I'd have the Focus ST...but it is the wife so if she's happy I'm happy.
When are you tuning it? Up the BOOST!!!
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