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HTC 8X (Verizon)

I "upgraded" to a Nokia Lumina 928, and would like to get a good bit back from the purchase. My HTC 8X is perfectly fine, less than 6 months old. Always had a screen protector and a hard silicone case on it. Comes with everything else the box had in it, just like new.

I upgraded to the Nokia because my wife has one and I liked it. Screen is a smidge bigger, and easier to see in the sunlight.

The HTC is windows phone 8. It comes with wireless charging out of the box and is 4G LTE. 16 GB, and it has a pretty nice camera. Also has beats audio, which actually does sound pretty nice in a decent set of headphones. As far as I know, it can be unlocked for any carrier but I was on Verizon.

They go for anywhere from $150 (broken screen) to $350 (brand new). I'd like $200 shipped to your door, phone is legitimately like new. Ask questions or make me an offer. I would also be willing to work out a trade if you happen to have 2010 V6 mods laying around.



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