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Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
Our cars come with no lift feature, meaning u shift with foot all the way down on throttle...... Sounds like u need to go back.
I didn't know that/didn't use it...Is that listed somewhere? I use to shift my EVO that way without a no-lift feature (1.5/1.6 60s, 11.3 @ 122) and the car needed 2 trans rebuilds in the 40K miles I kept it. Maybe for one glory pass, but I wouldn't use it every time.

Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post
I wasn't implying that its a crappy pass. You guys were wondering where it stood so I supplied the info. Go get some sticky tires and try it again. Just don't brake anything!!
I didn't take it that way at all....I like data and targets I was thinking I might get some rims /drag radials and see what she will do with only that as an upgrade. I have always liked to show that a stock can run strong times with a little seat time.

Originally Posted by NVmyZL1 View Post
What kind of child seat weighs 25 lbs? I have kids and have owned/used several in my day, but I can't recall any that were that heavy. Congrats on the time though.
Thank you and sorry I was incorrect. I just double checked and then corrected above...Our last Recaro Profit was 22lbs, the Recaro VIVO booster is listed as 11lbs....Now I did have a full Gym bag, 2 California dusters, a roadside assist kit (jumper cables, flares ect). some detailer and a bunch of towels in the trunk so I figure a total of 25lbs extra is still accurate
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