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i had his mods and on street tires i managed to cut the best of a 2.1 60ft (factory 19's) and ran 13.60's in 500 d/a. i was an auto there for a bit easier to launch. also my car was a 2010 mustang gt which had a factory cold air intake. but i also had catless h-pipe and tune, but that was the best i could get out that car with factory 3.31's on those tires. wemt 13.20's with dr's and 12.80s with gears. so imo if you can launch the car as an auto and knowing him he will dump the clutch you will win. newer stick drivers tend to get over excited when people are watching and choke on the launch

TSP vvt-1 cam, Headers-catless xpipe, Knn intake 417/422
Nitrous 100 wet shot 520/585
Racestar super 94 17x4.5/17x9.5
highest trap to date 120.6mph
12.0@spinfest. rage
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