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Both noobs at the strip...should be fun! (unless you guys hate each other or something lol)

Of course I'm rooting for you, but the GT has the advantage with the lighter weight, better torque, and gearing. You may have a slight HP advantage...maybe.

The key to winning this race will be the in you need to get yours the best it can be, and he needs to spin his launch. If he lauches perfectly he will get out to an early lead and you won't be able to real him in.

Do as shiznight says. Hold your left foot on brake. Bring rpms up to about 800 - 1000 at the most. When the last yellow light is flashing release the brake and apply the throttle quickly. I'm not sure mashing it is the best, but you don't want to roll on it like a grandma either. Definitely use sport mode, and at least spin the tires to clean them off before your run. If you don't mind it, you should spin them good to get some heat in them.

Best of luck and don't forget to let us know the outcome! Don't wait for cams!
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