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Originally Posted by CamaroDreams07 View Post
Clay requires you to put some elbow grease on it. Don't be afraid to bear down a little with it and apply some pressure (within reason, don't be grunting like a Williams sister). As long as you have enough lube, you won't do any damage.

As far as the stickiness, I haven't heard that before. Go get a brand new claybar from Mother's and unwrap it. It's very sticky and IMO, works extremely well.

If I were you, I'd chuck the clay for good and get one of the new clay replacements such as the Speedy Prep towel, or the Nanoskin sponge or towel.
Thanks CD07 (<--- hope you don't mind) I think to finish up the job I'll stop in Autozone and pick up a Mother's clay kit, and add the surface prep towel to my Autopia cart (it's starting to fill up)

"(within reason, don't be grunting like a Williams sister)" Were you watching the French open this weekend?

Originally Posted by Chubby View Post
If its sticky its too warm and not enough lube.

I use a diluted mixture of water and dawn soap. Of course I do a full wax/polish after.
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