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Hi from Ontario Canada

And oh yeah... that's where we make 'em ... ;-))

Had a 90 Camaro which we restored ~ 12 years ago, went all manual to full power, swapped the slush box for a stick etc, etc ... but the subframe rotted out and she had to go earlier this year.

I was kinda sad, so my other half says "how much is a new one" ... my ears perked up higher than a Belgian Malinois and I said ~ $55k, then went back to sulking.
Shortly after went on-line & found a 2011 LT black-on-black ... sez me, "hey, come look at this".

Doesn't my sweetheart wander over, takes one look and says GO BUY IT ... man, I love that woman
Which is my long version of how & why I joined this forum!!
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