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Alright, sitting here at work and finally have a few minutes to reply here since it's my car.

Drove down the 5 hrs to Fredericksberg on a Thursday a couple weeks ago. Had an appt with American Muffler and Brake for the install of ZL1 rear sway, new FE4 control arms 12 kg coils and adjustable camber plates.

I had the Justice package with supercar coilovers and sways installed a year and a half ago by the same place. American Muffler and Brake is who Pete and Pedders uses and are located about a half hr from Pedders HQ. If you live anywhere near, it is worth the drive out to see Heath and Jimmy and American Muffler. Pedders uses these guys for a reason. I like them also because they let you get dirty right along with them.

Sure enough, about 4 months after this, Pedders came out with the ZL1 sway bars for the FE3 Camaro. I had it all set up to drive back down for the re-alignment (due to new wheels/tires setup) and the ZL1 sway. Two days prior to this appt. I popped my #5 piston on my factory LS3 running 11psi. Car sat for 9 months waiting for my HKE built LSX 427. Finally got it back on the road.

During the time the car was down, Pedders came out with the new camber plates. I needed this due to the fact that i was runningn -2.5 deg camber 100% of the time. Tires weren't gonna last too long.

So, i ordered the ZL1 sway, 12 kg coils, and camber plates. Huge thanks to JusticeDeb, she busted her ass getting me these 12kg coils sent in record time from Australia!

Anyway, i show up at American Muffler at 0800 Friday morning for the install and alignment. All is going well an hour into when Pete shows up out of the blue to oversee the install!

When we remove the front wheels there is an unexpected development. I have a chord showing on the inside edge of the Bridgestone RE11 Potenza. This was due to running the -2.5 deg camber. Not to worry, Pete gets on the phone and 1/2 hr later we have 4 new Michelin Pilot Super Sport 305/30 R19s on the way from San Antonio. They were due in at 1700 that afternoon, should be plenty of time.....right?

The install goes great, no major hiccups except for the time required to do everything perfectly, which they did. Pete even brought his equipment to perform an corner balance. As you can see above, this car is the epitomy of balance. The alignment took about 3 iterations to get perfect and by the time we finished Discount tire in Kerrville was closed. So i kept my hotel for another night......

Pete would have none of that, so off we drove to his home. Pete set me up right! Even paid for dinner that evening. Then, following dinner was a tasting of various levels of the finest Serbian plum brandys direct from Serbia. Pete is of proud Serbian descent!!! Ziveli Pete.

Next morning we drop the car off at Discount tire and Pete and his Wife Justice Deb and his three wonderful daughters take me to breakfast at IHOP!!!

Where are you gonna find customer service that even comes close to this????

The car is insanely sticky, the only time i have broken it loose is by staying on the throttle in turns when the rear starts to get a little loose, but it is very predictable. The fronts are dead solid perfect and no push at all. I imagine having 305/30 R19s have a little to do with that. Oh, this is all with the camber plates set to my street setup. It only takes about 2 minutes to go from mild to wild and set in the -2.5 deg camber and agressive toe out.

I need to address my braking setup next then take the car out to Eagles Canyon raceway, 2.5 mile road course and see what it can really do.

Thanks again to Pete and Pedders!!!
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