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Part 2

Already tired of this intro animation
Built in Autozone ad? Classy
The wheels would've been much better off if left on the car..and then driven far away from you
See how quickly he runs out of detailing stuff to talk about. Adderall
Yeah use a brush on your "one-off" custom wheels. Sweet
George would shit himself if he saw what you were doing to those wheels
You don't "apply" polish
If you don't use cheap walmart products they're labeled correctly
That's not polishing. What a bald moron
Wipe on-wipe off polish. Wow.
Need to buy Mo a bigger shirt
Looks like a fat Roshan.
Jeweling with a yellow pad. Mo is as bad as Baldy
Lol @ Rain-X. Nothing else needs to be said
Notice how much he says "Let's see what happens" while he's "educating" us?
Oh, now it's a compound. Made a big deal of it being a polish a minute ago.
Wax doesn't haze
Look how disgusting that interior dressing looks
Moron. Those lips aren't polished.
My detailing tip is please don't ever touch a car again
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