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If you can get your hands on a ZL1/1LE shifter I suggest giving it a try. The Hurst made it quite a bit shorter than stock that's for sure! With no adjustments available to the Hurst you're pretty much stuck. You can lay out some cash for an MGW and have one of the nicest shifters going. But the GM Performance shifter is a good deal too. I've seen a couple for sale here but maybe you can get a good deal at the dealership for a new one!

Side note:

Glad you're enjoying her. She's a great looking ride, very nice, was well cared for when we had her and dearly missed. I don't know if you're the car naming type but when we had her my wife called her Bella. If I'd have known how easy it was to do headers I'd have installed a set when doing the Solo HF cats and Magnaflow cat-back. I recommend a set if you can swing it!! I won't be back stateside until late August / early September, maybe we'll cross paths.
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