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- Installed the C.A.I. CAI: Pretty much by the book. The only exception was breaking a tab on the hose inlet. The directions state that you pull firmly to get it off the underlying o-ring, but I accidentally pulled a little off center and broke a tab. Did not matter in the end as the entire termination end is housed within the provided rubber hose and then heat-shrink wrapped. Engine immediately sounded more consistent, will see if there is a noticeable effect while driving.

- Replaced the Camaro emblems: There are a few DIY posts, but I found 60-70 seconds of direct hair dryer on High softened the adhesive enough to make it easy to gently pry off the lettering. Prior to that, to preserve the location and alignment of the lettering, I applied painters tape on top/bottom and on the left of every letter - no guessing on placement! I used some extra tape over completed letters to deflect heat from the next letter.

- Replaced the front and rear Chevy bowties: The front bowtie was simply about muscling the horizontals tabs down to free them and then wiggle/pull the vertical tabs straight out. Replacement snapped right back in. For the rear bowtie, similar to above, I outlined the four sides with painters tape to retain exact location and alignment.

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