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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post
The 9 second club is cooler!!

Way less members. Just more pricey.
I agree! I think I've put in the money and mods to get there, but I'm not interested in giving up my M6 . I have a few minor upgrades in the mail and need to spend some time on my tune (w/Bill) after they arrive. I'm expecting to be around 825wrhp. I'm hoping with a little more practice, i can get to 10.5.

I'm thinking if i can get a 10.5 that a good driver can break into the 9s. The questions is given I don't like anyone to work on my car besides me...would i really consider letting someone else drive it...hmmm.

You know the DA formula to correct your ET time to sea level...I need a calculation to correct my times for my poor driving .

We'll see...i'm at 11.1 with a sloppy run that had boost spike, lean spike & knocking that resulted in pulled timing. And it was close to a 1.9s 60", if i could drop that to a 1.6 (huge if), that alone would have me at 10.5.

I'm thinking +25 hp, clean tune w/no lean spike and no timing pull, plus moving from drag radials on heavy rims and daily driver up front to slicks and bound to save me 6 tenths .

I'm sure i could shed another 100lbs pretty easy too...remove unneeded seats, the new rollbar i just installed .

I'm far way from 9, but i haven't given up hope...

Did i mention my new heritage grill showed up and is getting painted tomorrow...that's got to be good for a tenth .

Who knows...maybe instead of getting someone else to drive, i'll add a little nitrous . It scares the hell out of me in more way than one, but may just be what i need to see 9s.

I also want to join the 200mph club, but i don't have the right gear expect i can get the 190mph club this October w/current gear ratio.

Here's one of my favorite stills from my last Texas 5th gear, 6000rpm, speedo maxed out
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