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Originally Posted by bkscott View Post
I have roughly 35k on mine. I was one of the original group to buy these, and I have been very happy with them. I knew the only way I would lower my car was with coilovers. Springs alone were not a option.

My car is my daily driver, roughly 60 miles per day round trip. The BC's have been great through my daily commute as well as the occasional runs on the back roads here in Texas.

The ease of adjustment with this brand allows me to make any change I want within less than a minute. If I want a soft compliant ride I can have it. If I want a firm more controlled ride I can have that also. It is all just a few clicks away.

A lot of people have concerns about cutting a hole to adjust the rears, and I will admit it was a little nerve wracking for me as well. But the 1st time I wanted to make a change and saw the ease with which I could do it I was sold.

If you want to lower your car and improve the looks and handling without breaking the bank this is your ticket.

Thank you! We appreciate the support. We hope to get the BC Racing Coilovers quality and performance better known.

Anyone available to do a install write-up & review, please PM for a discount!
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