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Originally Posted by The Black Knight View Post
O.k. I've got a quick question. Did the "standard exhaust" Camaro have the fuse #8?? I'm asking because mine does/did. Though my Camaro didn't come with the NPP Dual Mode exhaust. However, I decided to pull everything apart to see if mine had the fuse. Sure as hell did, so I pulled it. I've noticed a very minimal change to my exhaust. As I'm not running my stock exhaust anymore, I've got Flowmaster Series 10's in place. I can say, that I did notice a smoother acceleration, though it could all be in my head.

Just wondering and maybe those whom have more experience with the NPP can elaborate. I'm not just wondering if there is always a "flapper valve" located somewhere else within the exhaust (i.e. like a motorcycle's exhaust, I had two bikes that had the flapper valve in the midpipe).
I don't see any way the fuse pull for NPP can have any affect whatsoever on a non-NPP exhaust Camaro. Are you sure the number 8 fuse on a regular Camaro isn't for something else? If not, I'm guessing its just not used.
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