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Upgraded: 2010 1LT RS -> 2013 2SS RS

I'm not new here, but I'm new to owning a SS.

Original Camaro was a 2010 1LT RS black with black cloth interior purchased Jan 2010. Long story short, after a spun rod bearing and very noticeable performance decrease after GM fixed it out of "good will", I decided I've had enough. I traded it in with 37k miles on it and got $23k back and upgraded to a 2013 2SS/RS A6 everything except Nav. Perm-a-grin ensues.

I've had the SS since Saturday afternoon,Here's what I noticed:

1. The SS is MUCH heavier, you can feel the weight in turns, stopping, corners, acceleration. I'm basing this off driving a 2010 1LT for 3.5 years and 1.5 years of Eibach lowering springs. The 2013 seems to be stiffer at the wheel as well. The new car only has 650 miles so this may loosen up overtime.

2. The power/acceleration compared to a v6 is like night and day. My previous 1LT had a K&N CAI, flowmaster axle back. Even with those very basic mods, which made a noticeable difference in the's nothing compared to the SS. Not even remotely close, but that goes without saying.

3. Performance Shops: No longer do I have to drive by and say "nah they'll just tell me I have a V6 and cast their stones..." Now they want my business, now we can have a conversation.

4. Mail Slot Respect: This will sound petty, but I'm sure some of you can identify with this. Driving the 1LT, which was a head turner, I noticed other drivers/observers would immediately look for the mail slot for validation. Folks have learned what the mailslot represents, at least around here in the midwest.

5. Upgraded from Cloth to Leather: This needs no explanation.

6. Gas: The 1LT wasn't bad and I drove it like I stole it. If you get punchy and aggressive with a V8, and only like to keep about 1/2 tank max, be prepared to make daily stops to the gas station.

7. I love it! That's all I got.
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