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Stock LSX376-B15, anyway to increase compression ratio

Hey guys,

I have been reseaching a somewhat affordable way to up the power in my 2010 camaro. Working on the fuel system upgrades now and will be pretty much ready for the final engine upgrade.

I have been looking really hard at the new LSX376-B15 long block but the only thing that is really scaring me away from this is the 9:1 compression. My car is a 100% street car, no strip time at all so street manners are far more important to me then very top end power. I have been told that the 9:1 compression will result in a very sluggish feel when out of boost. Having been driving my L99 with the Maggie for a while, I love the instant grunt with that combo but the L99 has the higher 10.4:1 compression which makes it feel very stout on the street even out of boost.

Back to the LSX376-B15 long block, is there anyway to raise the compression ratio near 10:1 without replacing the pistons, such as shaving the heads to decrease combustion chamber volume or go with thinner head gaskets.

I realize there may be issues created with valve clearance and thinner head gaskets may not be a great idea for running 12-15 lbs of boost.

Anyway, just looking for any experience, love the idea of the LSX376-B15 being relatively affordable, fully forged and capable of handling at least 15 lbs of boost. Not only that, you can get one shipped today!!! No wait.

Just looking for advice.

Thanks for your time

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More to come!!
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