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Originally Posted by HeavyArms SS View Post
Well, I just don't really want to spend a whole lot of money getting it to where I would like it. I discovered some things with the car after I had bought it that needed fixing, which the guy I bought it from didn't mention. When I test drove it, the transmission didn't pop out of gear. The guy I bought it from just said reverse was "tricky" that you had to play with the clutch a bit. It also needs to be retuned. It ran perfectly fine driving it back from CA, but when I started it the next day it took a good amount of time just to find it's idle at 850 rpms. The car wanted to die if you didn't hold it steady at around 800 rpms for 30 seconds or so. Once the car is warmed up after 5 minutes it just purrs. It's only an issue at cold start. Plus not having AC right now kinda sucks here. It really is just setup for someone to take it to the track and that's about it. I thought otherwise, oh well.

Zabo: It does suck gas pretty bad. Your TA is really nice, just looking for something a little closer to home.
No worries man. Actually fixing the window track and the motors aren't hard. Did mine going in blind inside of 3 hours. Just get a putty knife (or a nylon scraper) for removing the door panel. Patience is key but it only cost me a few drinks on a hot day and 60 bucks on a motor.

I understand ya though with the distance thing, I didn't see you were in AZ till after I posted LOL! Someone will buy our cars, just give it time.
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