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"Just another idiot jumping in. I have a hitch on order for the new SS convertible which I suppose constitutes at least a double sacrilege. I see no point in riding the Busa 12 hours in the heat on 95 to the North Carolina mountains, been there done that. Plus once I get there if the weather doesn't cooperate I can simply jump in the SS and hit the twisties in it. So if you see an idiot in a '13 SS Vert towing a trailer with a white Busa or a red R1 on it that would be this idiot. I will try to remember to post a pic."

I'll whip mine up!

^^^ This ^^^

I no longer wanted a truck I used 4 times a year. Camaro pulls, hauls, and kicks azz even with the bike loaded. Perfect tool for the job? No. But well within it's capabilities. And I get to do this up in them thar hills!

In the Rain...

In the sun...
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