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MAF/IAT issue Really desperate for a solution

Hi all,

I went ahead with my last project to relocate my IAT (After Meth nozzle) and installing stage 2 intercooler " MAF will be installed in the intercooler" for my procharger setup. The issue was knowing the correct wiring to hock my IAT sensor to.. I kept trying and splicing for a while nothing seems to work.. My tuner indicated:

1) Something is wrong with my IAT " not reading at all".
2) P0102 which relates to the MAF sensor being incorrectly wired.

I've used a member of this forum thread " screamer" as a guideline , but it's not working for me..

I seek your help indicating from the pics attached which one to reroute to my IAT..

I'm color blind (I think this is the reason for all of this ) ,so will appreciate numbering the wire from from one side to another
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