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Originally Posted by Fiftydriver View Post
Yes its around 100 lbs heavier then the LS3 but I was looking simply for longevity more then anything.

The LSX376-B15 is fully forged, forged pistons, forged crank. The one you are thinking of is not labeled as the LSX376-B8 designed for lower boost levels.

Just checked with one very good shop and was quoted $14K for a 416 forged long block. Now that did not include the core charge discount and this was a top of the line engine with best of the best parts used throughout. Well worth the price tag I am sure, just not sure if I could remain married if I dropped this amount of cash on an engine!!! Plus add in the added cost for very high end fuel supply system to feed it and installation cost of the engine, I would be pushing $20K very quickly and thats more then I want to spend.

Just figured that with the $7100-$7300 cost of the LSX376-B15 long block, throw on my Maggie off my current motor, drop $1000 on fuel pump upgrades and figure $2500-$3000 for complete installation of motor and I would be around $11-$12K with the ability to hit that 700-750 rwhp range safely and comfortably.........

If the LSX376-B15 had a 10:1 to 10.4:1 compression ratio, I would jump all over it but just worried how the lower comp at 9:1 will feel for street use???? And again, as mentioned, I can order one today and it will ship tomorrow.
Did you look into forging your ls3 that you currently have.
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