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Woah this is some NICE work.

do you think you can take my original iphone pic (i know not-so-good quality) and make the colors pop (saturate it a little?) and add some lightning in the clouds? Make it look like actual lightning in the clouds (but not hitting anything on the ground)

Also the original has a kind of blurriness (a nice little sharpening maybe) and its way too "white" but I think once you saturate the image it'll be better


Oh when I took the pic I forgot to turn my halos and my fogs on, do you think you can HID the visible part of the halo to make it look like they are on? And the fogs are 5000K pinpoint LED's so they match the halos. The fogs are like points of light when they are on (you can see where the fog tint is cut out)
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