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Originally Posted by driyac View Post
Thanks CFD

I have ammended it to this.

meal 1- 6 egg whites 1 whole egg; 3/4 cup of oatmeal - 400 calories
Meal 2- 48 grams protein - 3 fat - 6 carbs or soemwhere around there 250 calories
Meal 3- 4 ounce chicken - 1/2 cup cooked brown rice - 1/4 cup peanuts ( for fats) 425 calories
Meal 4- 4 ounce chicken - 2 hardboiled eggs (no yolk) hot sauce, soy sauce, broccoli - 400 calories
Meal 5 - 4 ounce chicken - broccoli, mushrooms, steamed - 400 calories.

Puts me right around ~1800-1900 calories. But very very clean calories. With intense workouts and the time I spend on my feet at work I should be in that Sub 500 calories range per day.

That looks pretty good and if you keep things along these lines I think you will be ok.

One thing on fats, they are not created equal, although nuts are considered a healthy fat they are not the best choice. There are a bunch of healthy fats, some of which are avacardo, olive oil, flax seed,nuts, fish (salmon) egg yokes ,egg yokes do have saturated fat but half of it is monounsaturated (good) so one or two yokes are ok. The best fats are a combination of omega 3,6 and 9. so a variety of fats is good. If you like salmon it is an excellent source of both healthy fat and protein. I eat a variety of healthy fats but almost always use Udo's Choice. it is made of seeds and nuts and is the right proportions of all 3 omega fats. The other as I mentioned is Carlson's Fish oil, it comes with an orange flavor so it's not fishy and using either of the above mentioned is a great choice.
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