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Isn't there a guy on here with a Maggie blown low compression 416 that's stuck around the 600rwhp number? Isn't a forged crank a bit overkill at any hp number a Maggie is capable of? Not for a moment saying it's a bad choice. Just that I think there are better bang for the buck options out there.

Unless I read things wrong, TxSpeed has a forged long block LS3 with ported heads for around $8K. All new parts. New block, new ported heads, and your choice of custom cam. Your choice of compression ratio. You don't get a forged crank, but that isn't an issue at Maggie hp levels. If you think a forged crank is necessary, it's available for a few more bucks.

I know I'm a bit of an internet racer, but my TxSpeed long block will show up next week. It's an iron block, but it's also going in a truck. Maggie blown of course
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