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Originally Posted by nUcLeArEnVoY View Post
His car probably wins boatloads of shows and he's also most likely revered as a detailing guru amongst normal car enthusiast circles. That's the sad truth to take away from all this. :|

In the Camaro club I was formerly a member of, we had a member with an IOM and at every show, I swear he would sit there with an Autozone microfiber just rubbing, rubbing, rubbing into his door/fender/what-have-you with QD for minutes at a time before moving onto the next panel. The force he applied made it look like his car cheated on him and he was trying to smother it. A couple years from now, staring into his paint will probably be like staring into a holographic Pokémon card.

And yet the dude displays upwards of 6+ trophies.

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