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Originally Posted by CamaroDreams07 View Post
He misspoke, and I'm sure he'd be the first to admit that as a mistake. This is why detailing terminology is so frustrating, ESPECIALLY in the internet age where everything you say is permanently recorded. One slip of the tongue and you've confused 10,000+ people. Hell, Sal Zaino built an empire off of selling misbranded products, Turtle Wax does the same, NuFinish, the list goes on and on.

But if you're doing it this weekend, this is what you want to do:

Apply sealant
Let it haze up for approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on ambient temp and humidity
Buff off
Let it set overnight
If you see any hazing or streaks the next morning, go over it again with detail spray and a microfiber towel (this sometimes happens as it cures)
You're now free to apply another coat, wax, etc.
But ALWAYS wait 12-24 hours after applying a coat of sealant before you apply anything else.

Sealant---->Sealant; Wait 12 hours
Sealant---->Wax; Wait 12 hours
Wax------->Wax; Go for it

So, given the hassle of waiting so much, what I normally do is apply my sealant. Then I'll drive the car until my next wash. Then apply another coat of sealant. Drive it til the next wash, then apply my wax. This way I'm not messing around waiting idly, and I'm always sure I'm applying my next coat to perfectly clean paint.
I'm doing the clay to sealant thing for the first time in my life....using a PC for the first time too. These threads are great.

I'm a bit nervous and don't want to mess anything up. I bought a PC kit from Adam's. I have Swirl and Haze remover, Fine Machine Polish, and Machine Super Sealant. For the clay I have the speedy clay cloth and clay lubricant. I don't want to screw anything up.
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