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Originally Posted by old motorhead View Post
Isn't there a guy on here with a Maggie blown low compression 416 that's stuck around the 600rwhp number? Isn't a forged crank a bit overkill at any hp number a Maggie is capable of? Not for a moment saying it's a bad choice. Just that I think there are better bang for the buck options out there.
I'm that guy Forged cranks are cheap compared to the cost of everything else a big build needs, so why risk it?

Originally Posted by VanquisherSS View Post
Even the B15 version? At that rate your better of buying a built shortblock from Texas Speed.
The B15 is a stout motor, much better than the old LSX376-B8. The B15 is made for 15 pounds of boost, so it can take a good deal of punishment. I was going to use one in my car, but I went for displacement instead.

For builders who want to stretch the performance of a turbocharged or supercharged combination, we’ve got just the foundation you need: Chevrolet Performance’s new LSX376-B15, featuring a durable, all forged rotating assembly to handle up to 15 pounds of boost. Chevrolet Performance’s engineers started with the tough LS steel Bowtie standard-deck block, added a forged steel crankshaft, forged rods and forged pistons, then topped off the short-block assembly with high-flow, rectangular-port LSX- LS3 6-bolt aluminum heads for supercharged and turbocharged combinations.

That's from the GMPP catalog this year, the B15 is a completely different motor than what most people think. Most people are still thinking of the B8.

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