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Originally Posted by ItsBroke View Post
Good input guys. Thanks. My memory on this was sketchy. nUcLeArEnVoY (Good grief man!!!) do you still purchase Clay Magic? Autozone has it on the shelf, but it now has the Simonize logo on the box. I'm assuming the patent ran out and now the product name is theirs. It also read "made in Japan" on the box.

Next question: My Adams deep wheel cleaner arrives today; I have the Wheel Woollies, but I neglected to buy a Boar's hair brush for use as an "agitator". I've put the 8" handled Montana brush in my cart @ Autopia but I want to clean the wheels tomorrow or Saturday morning. Are synthetic ones okay to use just as a one time thing, and if so what brand should I go with? I'm thinking another stop at Autozone right up the street.
I guess Simonize is the new patent holder? No big deal, Clay Magic is a dependable brand and most of the detailing stores that sell their own claybars (i.e. Detailers Domain, Autogeek, Detailed Image) derive them from the same source that Clay Magic makes theirs from known as "Auto Magic," or I guess now; Simonize.

Oh, and Japan is where most claybars are made. In fact, I wouldn't trust claybars made anywhere else. I'm all for America, but in light of the dependability of their cars (even if they may be soulless and bland), Japan is not quite the same as China.

As for your second question, I find brushes hard use use when it comes to cleaning wheels, particularly wheels with a large lip. However, since you have no mods yet, it shouldn't be as bad for you. For wheels, I use an actual washing mitt - a very small one to get in the nooks and crannies. If it's small enough, you can even sneak it under the brake rotors to clean the inner barrel. And then I use a Daytona Speed Master wheel brush to get behind the caliper and to scrub the caliper itself, though it looks like your investment in wheel woolies has that covered.

Good luck!
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