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Originally Posted by 2SS45th View Post
I'm that guy Forged cranks are cheap compared to the cost of everything else a big build needs, so why risk it?

The B15 is a stout motor, much better than the old LSX376-B8. The B15 is made for 15 pounds of boost, so it can take a good deal of punishment. I was going to use one in my car, but I went for displacement instead.

For builders who want to stretch the performance of a turbocharged or supercharged combination, we’ve got just the foundation you need: Chevrolet Performance’s new LSX376-B15, featuring a durable, all forged rotating assembly to handle up to 15 pounds of boost. Chevrolet Performance’s engineers started with the tough LS steel Bowtie standard-deck block, added a forged steel crankshaft, forged rods and forged pistons, then topped off the short-block assembly with high-flow, rectangular-port LSX- LS3 6-bolt aluminum heads for supercharged and turbocharged combinations.

That's from the GMPP catalog this year, the B15 is a completely different motor than what most people think. Most people are still thinking of the B8.
If your staying under a 1000 with a supercharger I wouldn't spend the money if I wanted to stay stock cubes. If I was going to buy a forged crank I would spend the money on a nice one. I've seen quite a few cheaper ones break but I've never seen a stock one break. A turbo unless you were shooting for crazy numbers or more cubes there really isn't any reason to change it out. Mighty Mouse ran mid and low 8's in his 3800 lb turbo car for years with a Erl block and a stock crank put 20k miles on it also in that time.
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