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Originally Posted by Fiftydriver View Post
Started a PM conversation with Chris at Livernois about their short blocks. Looking at their web site, really like what they offer, mini 390 strokers, 404, 408, 416, 419, 429 combos.

His early recommendations (again, only off one PM I sent him so this may change) is that he recommends keeping the cubes in the 416 range but also to bump the compression up to match that of the LS3 or possibly slightly higher at around 11:1.

That way, with the larger cubes, my street car with have great out of boost performance thanks to the larger displacement and also, the higher compression will help out the Maggie and not require I spin the thing to its max limits just to get 6 lbs of boost.

Will be having many more conversations with Chris to figure out exactly what will be best for my application but so far, very impressed with his customer service as well as information.

Not saying anything bad about the other shops like Mast or Texas speed but I have sent both of them e-mails about getting information on a custom short block and have never gotten a reply.
Atababy You're on the right track. That 3.8" stroke LS3 based motor has caught my eye before. If not stock cube, that's the one I'd go with. Again, realize that cubes aren't the limiting factor with a TVS2300. At some point, cubic inch wise, you don't make any more power, you just make it at a lower rpm.
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