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Originally Posted by porkrind View Post
I'm thinking about this exact set-up for my 13 LFX. My 11 LLT had JBA axle-backs and an Injen long-tube CAI. This CAI/SoloHFCs/MRTv2 combo seems to be a winner. I'm also thinking about doing CAI/SoloHFCs/Solo cat-back. How bad is the in-cabin drone with your set-up?
Sound is definitely heard in the cabin but I expected it and I guess me I don't really call it drone, to me the word drone describes an annoying sound and this setup to me is far from annoying. Sound level isn't bad at all, example, windows shut the 2 FM stations I have to choose from volume at 12 and I can hear it fine but can still hear the exhaust slightly also. I had free XM a couple weeks ago and did notice I had to turn the volume up to 14. I love the V2's and would never give them up. The few mods I have added if I had to choose something to give up the HFC's and gauge face plates would be tied for first. But the V2's would definitely be last.

The CAI brand intake may be the best and more popular one out there but for looks I think the Injen short ram I have looks better and a lot cheaper also. I was looking at the long tube but mine is my DD and didn't want to worry about water getting into the system when it rains.

Thanks for looking and listening!

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