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Took it to Rodgers and they did great work. Its about 80% gone, but I'm not certain its even possible for them to fix it completely.

What they found was a missing pinch weld on in the sheet metal in the passenger rear which was causing it to rub. How significant is this to the car's structure? The dealer used some sort of seam sealer to try and fix... not sure exactly. But will this cause more problems in the future? Why should I have to settle for a car that is missing something significant like this? Let me know what you think... is a missing pinch weld a minor issue and common? I want a different car, honestly because I'm concerned its going to just be a rattle trap for the life of it.... Maybe someone can educate me on true significance of this issue.

Rodgers is indeed an outstanding dealership and worth the ride. I met the tech who was riding around in the trunk to try and find the source of the rattle. He even had carpet burns on his elbows.
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