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Originally Posted by DuskSS View Post
if you watched the guy in charge flat said they were getting to use a taxiway with permission.

Not fake and thats the problem I personally have with it.
99% of the time these guys are on the streets.
These guys are well known and real and not actors.

My problem is the street racing.. and the fact that they keep claiming these are the fastest cars on the street anywhere..

The fact that none of these cars except farmtruck is even semi street legal and they are all flat trailer queen race cars yet they still think they are street cars.

8 second 100% complete and functional interior and tagged/registered cars on the strip get my respect.. these assclowns dragging gutted race cars on the street do not.
the racemaster guy did say that later on. but the opening shot said undisclosed public road. and then later it was the airport. maybe some editing was messed up or they just messed up.
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