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Originally Posted by newmoon View Post
I had the same issues with a Monster Stage 3. The car was a PIA to drive, no fun at all unless it was under hard throttle. First Monster wanted me to go beat the hell out of the clutch and car, which did not help, then they wanted me to un-install the clutch so they could inspect it. Between the clutch and axle issues I became so frustrated with it and the reality that I had just wasted $1,000.00 on the Monster and now was looking at another $2,000.00 for the Slayer, and another $1,500.00 for axles, I sold the car. I knew I should have bought an automatic car
That's a shame. It may have been a wash based on how big of a hit you took on the trade in vs the money to get the right clutch. Oh well. The past is the past.

On a different note: How do you like the 'Stang? Is it everything you hoped it would be?
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