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Originally Posted by *007 View Post
The be all end all of Camaro is the ZL1. and it's proven. If I wanted the best Camaro out there for all around race and street enjoyment wouldn't be a car that is so low it's impractical. a car that has no creature comforts, and all the rags will confirm. but who is going to pay the $80k plus ADM to get one just to make it a trailer queen? be compliant Doc!
First off...the be all end all is in the eye of the beholder I think. Secondly who said it's 80K? Why not save yer belly aching until it actually is 80k or 100k. Be "compliant"??? what...Doc has this nailed...he's compliant to the truth. If I am able to afford one (not at 100k) then I would order it from a far away dealer and have a great time driving it back...I would drive the thing all the time in the warm months...this is coming from someone who has had 2 scca club racing cars that were registered/plated. They will sell every one easy. I can confirm there are many like me who would never have considered the camaro until this car...not against camaros but nothing pulled me in...I was hoping to see a new Barracuda but that keeps slipping back and SRT will have a mountain to climb to top the z28. I STRONGLY prefer the new design...especially the new taillights.

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
It WILL BEAT all the other Camaro models on the road course, including the ZL1 because that's SPECIFICALLY what it's being designed to do.
I suspect it will crush most cars that show up at a track day that cost 2-3 times more and I'm pretty sure that includes the current Zo6 and maybe ZR1…that's not an L…it's an R…on a road course.

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I highly suspect it's being set up for pro racing where it has to be street legal and produced in sufficient numbers to qualify as a production car; just like the original Z/28 needed to qualify for the SCCA requirements to compete in the Trans Am championship series….And this car is going to bring in customers that were never Camaro customers before; people who are used to spending 2 to 3 times that much and they're going to think the Z is a bargain!
BINGO…Doc nailed it. Check out how many Camaros are pro racing now. This would be great in World Challenge

Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
The Z/28 is out of reach for most and it's exclusivity will mean we will not see one in the more affordable $30-40K range for years, if ever. For those with the $$ to spend $60-80k on a weekend track car they will not be taking the Z/28 to the drag strip. They will also buy a cheap 1/4 track beater, like a 2013+ GT500 as well if they care, but most will not. Those in this SES group look down at the commoners at the drag strip and do not fathom the attraction.

But for the slightly less affluent who want the high end in both venues in one car, they will buy a Nissan GT-R. Godzilla!

Imagine what the Z/28 could do with AWD. My Z/28 AWD 1/4 estimate: 11.5@117 1.6 60' out of the box.
Again we do not know the price. Why can't I drive this every day?…I can easily put 3 more bose speakers in and those Recaros do not look like Kirkeys….probably comfortable and firm. I would drag it a few times just to see…never done that before and what do you mean by looking down??? The road racing community especially in scca is one of if not THE most humble bunch of people...and can race a car within any budget in scca/nasa.

Originally Posted by KKreme15 View Post
Did you read Doc's post? There is a subculture of people who spend tens of thousands of dollars in NASA/SCCA circuits. Some of them race cars with far more $$ into them than what the z/28 will sticker for. There aren't many (relative) of these people, but there won't be many if this car. Guarantee a lot of those people already have their eyes on this car - that they won't have to do brake/aero mods to, and other things. You'll see
Nailed it…no mods needed!!!...there are many people who are lurking already with 1k deposits waiting to find out how much the dealer plans to bend them over.
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