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Originally Posted by newmoon View Post
You might be right in the wash. But at the time I was so frustrated I didn't want to sink another penny into the car. I bought the 5.0 used for a very nice price. Had the car for only 2-months. While it was a fun car the MT82 transmission was garbage and it was going to take voiding the warranty to correct the issues. I could see the transmission and clutch issues starting all over again. In comparing the SS to the 5.0 I liked the SS much better.

My next car will be an automatic, maybe a SS, Zl1, or another 392 Challenger. For the way I like to drive and race the 6-speed just isn't for me.
Man I wish we could have helped you. On a side note that dodge ran 12.40s stock dang killer time with that low of a mph I like those cars but was waiting on the convertible
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