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Originally Posted by Glen e View Post
I always seem to be in the minority here...LOL - Oh well, my lot in life.

We certainly have two diff levels here: hobbyists and prof detailers. As a prof detailer many times I would make a decision that is not the same as a DD hobbyist.

Now as a hobbyist, I have never seen any of the above creasing or marring with either the sponge or the speedy prep towl. Just a good clean base from which to start detailing. I don't use soap as I have plenty of waterless, but for someone that is cleaning/detailing his DD and claying like twice a year, I'm sure the saop is fine. I'll never use clay again after discovering the elastomeric products, particularly the speedy towel...
To each his own. I'm glad those products work for you! But for me, they mar creases in my paint, and I've used multiple types to confirm that result, and for me, soap/water started to break my clay apart around an hour after continuous use. It could be my technique... and who knows, could be my paint. We dabble in a hobby where variation and inconsistency is the nature of the game.

I've always said I'm old-fashioned for my age, even when it comes to detailing products, it seems.
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