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Originally Posted by RubyCamaro View Post
Okay guys, I need some help of another sort. I have been after my husband for years to go to the doctor. In the 33 or so years I have known him he has NEVER been to a doctor. The only medical attention he has gotten in that time was a trip to the ER after getting a couple of brown recluse spider bites. I know, I know, classic story of guys not wanting to go to a doctor. But several issues have me concerned as well as just age. So I started trying once again to get him to go. So as another way of avoiding, he goes to a GNC store today. Depending on who he talked to there, not a terrible thing. But this is what he came home with. So what in the heck is he about to start putting in his body & how bad is it?

I would honestly throw it in a barrel. It is a blend of a few of the new "trendy" fat loss supplements that have shown very little if any results. Honestly, it's garbage. I don't see anything that's a health risk.
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