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Originally Posted by Joebot8484 View Post
I've had mine replaced. It is a special glass for the HUD, it will be blurry without it. Mine chipped with one month of getting the car, I have glass coverage on my insurance but they wanted to install an aftermarket windshield because I didn't have OEM replacement part coverage! I told them no way and you will replace it with an oem one, I had to split the difference (90 bucks) between the two. I think the price was around 600 bucks.

Joe, who told you it was a "special glass" for an HUD? I paid 365.00 for a replacement windshield. I have the HUD and it works the same as it did with the original windshield. I did a side by side of the original and the replacement and with the exception of of not having the GM logo on the windshield they were identical. GM doesn't make windshields anyway.
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