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Chuck Nash Chevrolet in San Marcos

Originally Posted by Nutro View Post
Stealership - Chuck Nash Chevrolet in San Marcos, Texas

They blew the motor in my car up from a botched cam/lifter install and don't want to replace my engine or pistons.
I too have had issues with this dealership.

in 08, Me and the wife were going to buy a chevy equinox, the dealership was woefully behind on styling, the 'managers' still sat on a raised dais in the corner with the wood paneling. my 'salesman' came back with an offer for $500 on my trade in, and a best and final offer of sticker on the equinox. At the time they were selling for 4k below.

in 11 I was looking to buy a Camaro, i showed up at the place an hour before they closed, and all the 'salesmen' were clustered around the cutie at the front desk and could not be bothered to come ask me if i needed help.

and just a month ago, my radio in my camaro crashes from time to time. It happened to be by them when it crashed again, took it in and told them not to turn it off because the radio resets when you do. First thing the guy does is drive the car back into the shed and turn it off.

freaking morons.
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