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Originally Posted by SgtPickles69 View Post
I was in the same situation as you, but my itch for some 20s grew bigger everyday. I ended up buying my RS wheels from some dude on craigslist for $500. They had 10miles on them haha. I've been thinking either some TSW or ZL1 factory reproductions. TSW are probably a tad bit lighter, but they're $300 more. First world problems *sigh* And yes, keep those 18s for the track and kick some butt.
That's a great deal you got! Depending on what you're going to be using the wheels for and the weight difference, I wouldn't hesitate spending the $300 if it was worth it. But it'd also depend on which wheel I like most as well.

I've barely just now started to consider replacing my wheels. I guess because I had brand new tires and after lowering the car, the 18" wheels with the beefy sidewall just look plain aggressive to me

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